Hans Bellamy and the Nazi Influence on Atlantis and Ancient Aliens

Hans Bellamy, aka Rudolf von Elmayer- Vestenbrugg, aka Elmar Brugg, aka Elmar Vinibert von Rudolf

In an earlier post Nazis Atlantis and Ancient Aliens I discussed how Nazi ideas about Atlantis were recycled by later writers on Atlantis and ancient aliens and some proponents of the ancient aliens theory were former Nazis or supported the Nazi war effort.

Robert Charroux, who wrote several books on Atlantis and ancient aliens in the 1960s and 70s, was a pseudonym for Robert Jospeh Grugeau, Minister for Cultural Affairs in the Nazi puppet state Vichy France. Erich von Daniken’s editor and ghost writer for Chariots of the Gods? was Wilhelm Utermann, a former Nazi journalist. Peenemunde rocket scientist Hermann Oberth endorsed the ancient aliens theory in the 1970 documentary Chariots of the Gods?  Josef Blumrich, who wrote The Spaceships of Ezekiel, worked on the design of the Messerschmitt 110 and served in the German army. Frank Joseph, author of several books on Atlantis and editor of Ancient American magazine, was born Frank Collins and was founder of the National Socialist Party of America.

After writing that post I learned that Brinsley Le Poer Trench, who was an editor of Flying Saucer Review and author of the 1960 ancient aliens book The Sky People, was a member of the British fascist group, the Right Club.

Heinrich Himmler believed that the Aryans had come from Atlantis. He believed in the World Ice Theory which was developed by Hans Horbirger (1860-1931). This said that the universe consisted largely of ice  and that Earth once had several moons. When one of them crashed to Earth, it sank Atlantis.

One Nazi believer in the World Ice Theory was Rudolf von Elmayer-Vestenbrugg. In his book Hitler’s Monsters, Eric Kurlander wrote about him,

“Another prominent supporter of the World Ice Theory who experienced a career renaissance in the Third Reich was the rabidly anti-Semitic writer and SA leader Rudolf von Elmayer-Vestenbrugg  (or Elmar Brugg). Like Himmler, Elmayer insisted that World Ice Theory provided the ony ‘scientific basis for a true Nordic worldview’. In his most influential book, The Enigma of Universal Phenomena (1937), Elmayer argued that World Ice Theory  would replace Darwin’s now ‘defunct’ theory of evolution and that the Aryan race had been incubated in the arctic world before founding the civilization of Atlantis. No wonder that Elmayer, despite his utter lack of scientific credentials, would later be tapped by Himmler to head the World Ice Theory division within the Ahnenerbe.” (Eric Kurlander, Hitler’s Monsters, A Supernatural History of the Third Reich, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2017, p 153).

Another proponent of the world ice theory was Hans Schindler Bellamy. His books were;

Moon, Myths and Man, A Reinterpretation, 1936 (This can be found online here)

The Book of Revelation is History, 1942

Built Before the Flood, 1943

In the Beginning God, 1945

The Atlantis Myth, 1948

Life History of our Earth, 1951

The Calender of Tiahuanaco, 1956

The Great Idol of Tiahuanaco, 1959

According to Atlantipedia, Hans Bellamy appears to have been a pseudonym for Rudolf von Elmayer-Vestenbrugg and he spoke at the World Congress of the Ancient Astronaut Society in Switzerland in 1975.

The world ice theory was too bizarre for the ancient aliens movement, which is saying something. Nevertheless, Bellamy appears to have been quite influential. The following ancient aliens and other fringe writers cite Bellamy’s books and his ideas about Atlantis and Tiahuanaco;

Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovksy, 1950

Atlantis and the Giants by Denis Saurat, 1957

The Road in the Sky by George Hunt Williamson, 1959

The Sky People by Brinsley Le Poer Trench, 1960

The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, 1960

Timeless Earth by Peter Kolosimo, 1964

Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Daniken, 1969

Our Haunted Planet by John Keel, 1971

In Search of Ancient Mysteries by Alan Landsburg, 1974

Gods and Spacemen of the Ancient West by Raymond Drake, 1974

Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space by Maurice Chatelain, 1978

Atlantis, The Eighth Continent by Charles Berlitz, 1984

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock, 1995

From the Ashes of Angels by Andrew Collins, 1996

The Atlantis Blueprint by Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath, 2000

The Destruction of Atlantis by Frank Joseph, 2004

Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia by David Hatcher Childress, 2012

Knowledge Apocalypse by Jason Martel, 2012

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier mentioned both Elmar Brugg and Hans Bellamy on the same page. They were not aware that they appear to be the same person (Louis Pauwels and Jacques Begier, The Morning of the Magicians, Destiny Books, Vermont, 2009, p 224).

I am not suggesting that all these writers were pro-Nazi. The problem is they have ben unwititngly citing a former Nazi and they are not aware of the Nazi assumptions behind his ideas.