Christians and Homosexuality

This page contains links to  posts which I have written discussing some of the issues surrounding Christianity and homosexuality

Christians and Gays Part One The Tasmanian Experience which examines the role of the churches in the gay law reform in Tasmania in the 1980s and 1990s.

Christians and Gays Part Two Homophobia and Tolerance which argues that popular definitions of homophobia and intolerance are flawed and believing that homosexuality is wrong or sinful does not necessarily constitute homophobia or intolerance.

Christians and Gays Part Three Gay Marriage and Freedom of Religion which argues that Christians need to work on their own marriages and address the sins of sexual immorality and divorce in the churches rather than go on about gay marriage, and that some proponents of gay marriage are themselves intolerant and want to deny others their freedom of speech and religion.

Christians and Gays Part Four Causes and Cures which looks at Christian theories about the causes of homosexuality and argues that the Christian answer to homosexuality is not so much to be cured, but to turn to Jesus for the grace and strength to cope with all temptations

Christians and Gays Conclusion which discusses how Christians should live in a world which no longer shares their values.

Why I won’t vote in the gay marriage plebiscite in which I explain why I decided   not to vote at all in the 2017 gay marriage plebiscite in Australia.

Being a Christian in Same-Sex Marriage Australia which looks at the aftermath of the gay marriage plebiscite and how Christians should live in a post-Christian society which no longer shares their values.