The Kelly Cahill UFO Encounter and the Demonic Hypothesis Part One

If you were paying attention during the first episode of series 10 of The X-Files, you would have heard Fox Mulder mention the Kelly Cahill UFO case which took place in Victoria, Australia in August, 1993. The case is significant in that three independent groups of people, including Kelly and her husband, appear to have had a UFO abduction experience.

Kelly Cahill wrote a book about her experiences, Encounter, which was published in 1996. This book is out of print and cannot be found on Amazon or Abebooks.

As I have discussed here and here and here, I believe UFO abductions are demonic in nature, they are demons affecting people’s minds so they believe they are being taken aboard UFOs. Moreover, as the website Alien Resistance has documented, UFO abductions can apparently be stopped by calling on the name of Jesus, which further suggests the phenonomen is demonic.

Although Fox Mulder did not realise, the Kelly Cahill case also supports the demonic hypothesis.

Kelly was born in Queensland in 1967 and moved to Victoria when she was 16. When she was 19, she married Andrew who was a Muslim. Kelly became a Pentecostal Christian when she was 20 (Kelly Cahill, Encounter, Harper Collins, Sydney, 1996, p 12-13).

Kelly describes how before her encounter, she was seeking to get closer to God and please Him;

“I found that the longer I was a Christian, the more intent I was on getting to know God. I wanted to get closer to Him and become perfect … In pursuit of perfection in the eyes of God, I began spending more and more time in the back bedroom of our house, I would closet myself in there for hours on end, praying, reading the Bible and seeking His presence.” (p 27)

She stayed in her room, fasting and praying until she had an intense spiritual experience which is quoted in the next five paragraphs;

“One night, in the  third week, I was in the room, praying my heart out to God for some indication that he really cared about me, and truly accepted me. I was doing this hour after hour, and then I said a  peculiar thing: “Why can’t you be closer to me? I want you here! I want your pure presence.”

As soon as I said this, an incredible thing happened. I suddenly felt a breathtaking, overwhelming presence in the room. A surge of energy washed over me which caused my heart to race, my skin to flush, and my hair to stand on end. I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. That might not seem like much, but my heart was pounding so hard that I was on the verge of blacking out, and I stayed like that for fifteen minutes solid. I was unable to move, or speak, or get up. I was afraid that I would have a heart attack if I did move.

During that fifteen minutes, it seemed to me that something was being poured into my head, like a high-speed data transmission. I couldn’t hear it, or at least I couldn’t catch what was being transmitted, but there was no denying that it was going on, and I stayed there in this strange altered state until it was finished. When it finally left me, I had the clear idea that my prayer had been answered by God’s showing me a taste of his power.


My entire body had been seriously affected, and the nearest thing I can think of to describe it is the shock of childbirth. My knees were like jelly, and all the colour had been drained from my face. I was experiencing the symptoms of real physical shock, and when I finally looked in the mirror, I almost didn’t recognize myself.


The obvious question is why I connect this to UFOs, if at the time I was sure that the event was related to God? The answer lies mainly in the presence of the energy that I felt going through my body. It was very similar to the energy I experienced during the encounter, except that my interpretation of it was completely different.” (p 29-30)

Around this time her Bible disappeared (p 31).

About three weeks later on August 7 1993, Kelly and her husband drove to visit her friend Eva near the Dandenongs. On the way at around 5:30 PM she saw five or six orange lights in a field and thought she had seen a UFO. She writes;

“I was in a dilemma, but this did not last for long. My spiritual mindset reasserted itself, and I solved my problem in a uniquely Christian fashion. I began to pray as it seemed the natural thing to do at the time. I had to accept that this ‘thing’ might just have been a UFO, but after a few minutes of wrestling with the implications I concluded that, even so, it was still within the ‘province of God’. It was therefore a good thing, and no doubt I had been meant to see it.” (p 35)

She concluded, “If this was an answer to my prayers, even if it was something I could  not comprehend, God must have sent this thing to help me. God was at long last acknowledging my devotion to Him.” (p 36)

She said in her mind,”Wait for me. I’ll be back this way in  a few hours. Don’t go away. I’ll see you later.” (p 36)

Kelly arrived at her friend’s place around 6:00 PM. They left around 12:30 PM and started to drive home (p 42).

About 15 kilometres from where she had seen the lights earlier, they saw a UFO which sped away (p 46-48). A few minutes later at Eumemmerung Creek they saw a UFO in the middle of the road. Suddenly they were further down the road and the UFO had gone. When they arrived home, they realized there was an hour and a half of time which was unaccounted for (p 50-57).

Kelly wondered, “What if we were meant to meet these UFOs? … If we had met them, it might have been a wonderful experience. I was actually disappointed.” (p 58)

However, her Muslim husband wanted to forget the whole thing and suggested they might have been demons (p 58).

When she went to sleep, Kelly had a dream about seeing a UFO and its occupants in a field, and being taken into a room where one of them showed Kelly her missing Bible and gave her a choice of staying or leaving with her Bible (p 62-66);

“I had a choice to stay, or to take my Bible and leave. Because of being given this strange option, a fear of underlying deceit came into my mind. The feeling of trust I’d felt evaporated instantly, to be replaced by a deep suspicion – anything that would expect me to give up the Bible had to be satanic.” (p 66)

She believed this being was the “Keeper of My Soul” who wanted her to go with him and give up her religion(p 69).

The next week her missing Bible was found in the car. She had no idea how it got there and came to believe it had been returned during her UFO encounter (p 69-70).

Over the next few weeks Kelly found a triangle mark on her skin beneath her belly button (p 69), became very sensitive to noise and experienced migraines  which she never had before (p 71), lost weight and had to be hospitalized for a uterine infection (p 72-73).

After she came out of hospital, Kelly had a bedroom visitation. She woke up with the sense of a presence in the room and heard a voice in her head, telling her not to be afraid;

“I instantly felt a physical sensation. It was as if a suction device or vacuum was attached to my chest and this seemed to be literally draining energy out of me.” (p 77)

“Standing beside me, only inches away and right next to my bed was a tall black figure. I looked up, and could see that it was wearing a full-length hooded cloak. Its face was black, and it had big red eyes. I could have reached out and touched it if I’d moved as much as a finger, but I was paralysed with fear.” (p 78)

Kelly thought this figure was a “soul vampire” ( p 78).

“While it stood there, I not only experienced the natural terror that anyone would feel under those circumstances, but I also felt an additional horror – and there was no other word for it – which this being projected directly at me in a way that I cannot quite understand. Perhaps this horror-energy came out of this being’s eyes? I don’t know, but I am positive that it deliberately radiated this feeling as energy, and it was not merely an expression of malevolence.” (p 79)

The figure suddenly vanished (p 80).

Over the next few weeks Kelly experienced three other bedroom visitations, as well as poltergeist activity with electrical appliances acting strangely (p 88, 94-97).

On September 16, 1993, Kelly and Andrew went to a barbeque where the conversation turned to UFOs. Andrew said they had seen a UFO a few weeks earlier, however Kelly could not remember seeing a UFO at all (p 100-102).

On October 1, 1993, they went to Eva’s place again and Kelly began to experience flashbacks. Her memories of her UFO encounter returned in fragments which she put together (p 104-110).

Kelly recalled that on the night of August 7 after they had left Eva’s place and seen a UFO, they kept driving until they saw a light coming from a UFO in a field about 150 metres away. They stopped and got out (p 110-111).

“The light was mainly orange: large circles of bright orange light, like amber stop lights. This craft was a much larger version of the one hovering over the trees a few kilometres back, and the one I had seen earlier that afternoon. There was a major difference, however. Underneath this one I could see a very strange arrangement of light, like fluorescent corrugated iron, composed of solid bars of alternating dark and light blue colours, with the main shade somewhere between baby-blue and aqua.” (p 113)

Two other cars also stopped (p 114).

A tall black figure appeared and came towards them. She heard a voice in her head, saying, “Let’s kill them”, meaning her and Andrew (p 115-117).

Suddenly, there were about seven beings with blazing red eyes. Kelly writes.

“In the same instant as the other beings appeared, an incredible physical energy hit me in waves of vibration, and the vibration carried an emotion. That’s the only way I can describe it. I was hit with something that they were pumping into me in waves, and this was an emotion of pure, unadulterated horror.” (p 117)

Kelly screamed, “They’ve got no souls! They’re evil! They’re going to kill us!” The beings charged towards them (p 118).

“I stood rooted to the ground. The roaring horror-energy was still hitting me as they rushed at us, and my thoughts were scattered by it, like a deck of cards flung into the air. There was a sound, like a roaring wind, inside my head and I couldn’t seem to focus my mind at all.” (p 121)

The being told her, “We mean you no harm.” Kelly knew he was lying (p 124).

“He was haughty, arrogant and condescending. Perhaps his arrogance came from his power, because his power and control over us was undisputed. But I had another impression when listening to him: an impression of something more terrible and demeaning than ordinary arrogance. He exhibited a sort of contempt for us that seemed to stem from long familiarity – we were unquestionably a known quantity to him.” (p 125)

The being said to Andrew, “I wouldn’t harm her. After all, I am her father.” (p 127) Kelly writes,

“When this being refered to me as his daughter, I felt he was putting himself in the place of God and implying that I was consequently his child. I interpreted him quite literally. I think he was claiming ownership of me, because I considered that God ‘owned’ me and that I was His child.” (p 127-128)

“His little dig had its desired effect, however. It brought me up short, real fast. It was like hitting a brick wall at a hundred miles an hour. What scared me most I suppose, was that God was forced out of the picture and made to be nothing in the face of this new and entirely unexpected supernatural force.” (p 128)

“They made my God seem impotent and brought Him into a very shabby light. The message was written in twelve-foot neon: We are here. Where is your God?” (p 129)

“I was under the total conviction that the deceit of these beings was so  manipulative that if, for even one brief second, they were allowed interchange truth and deceit in the heart of a person, that person had duly forfeited their soul ….. I sensed only an all-pervading evil.” (p 131)

Kelly thought they were trying to steal their souls (p 131).

“These beings were definitely not the wise and benevolent types that you sometimes hear about in such encounters. They tried to pass themselves off as that, but I saw through them. I felt a sense  of duty, an obligation to warn the others who were there that night. These beings had no souls, as far as I could determine, and it was logical to assume they were in need of the ones that we had.” (p 131-132)

One of the beings touched Kelly on the shoulder.

“A wave of disgust washed over me as I felt that hand on my shoulder, and I instantly gave full vent to my anger. I believed this being had no right to touch me, that I was in God’s care, and that whatever these things were – devils, aliens, or whatever-have-you – they had no rights as far as I was concerned. No rights to touch me, possess or do anything to me or with me.” (p 133)

Kelly yelled at them (capitals in original),


Doing this apparently brought the UFO encounter to an end because the next thing Kelly knew she was back in the car (p 135).

To be continued in Part Two which will look at how the Kelly Cahill case supports the demonic hypothesis and also how the impact of Kelly’s experience on her Christian worldview.